Boots & beginnings

It’s a cold January morning here in Oklahoma.  So cold I put on my snow boots to do the school drop off run.  And now here I sit with a cup off coffee, still in my boots, trying to decide how to begin this new project.

Maybe I’m crazy for adding one more thing to my plate by trying this.  Hopefully not.  I have big plans.  Big plans for this blog.  Big plans for my home.  Big plans for my kids.  Big plans for my schedule.  Unfortunately, I habitually dream big and don’t follow through.  That’s where this blog comes in.  Perhaps, by writing as I accomplish little things, I’ll manage to execute my big plans–at least in part.  Maybe a little accountability is what I need.

So, what can you, my currently non-existent reader, expect to find here??  Good question.  As I look at my schedule and to-do list now, my life is full of family and kids–the under 5 set, housekeeping, and wishing to craft, create, decorate, and garden.  These will probably be my main foci.   I hope you gain something by reading.  Maybe inspiration, perspective, or just a good recipe.  Thanks for joining me on this journey!!


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