Menu plan–January week 3

Menu planning is something I enjoy doing.  And re-doing.  And re-doing.  And finding new ways to do it better.  In recent months, I have been inspired by a couple of other bloggers to really change up the way I do things.  I found a wonderful idea over at the Nesting Place for creating a meal blueprint for each week.  Then, I came across the idea to menu plan for an entire year from MacKenzie at Bold Turquoise.  I like both concepts and have kind of combined and tweaked them to work for me.

Instead of taking on the whole year at once, I’m working through 1 month at a time.  I have built in a few repeating dinners–Sundays are eggs/cheese, Fridays are pizza, Saturdays are leftovers, and I’m attempting to do soup and sometimes a sandwich Wednesdays (although soup is a tough sell with my kids and we’ll probably switch to salad once the weather is warm again).  We always have a couple of nights a month where something is going on at church, we go to see friends, we eat out, our family comes to town, or whatever, so my plan is to put 28 dinners on the calendar and let the other 1-3 dinners work themselves out each month.  So, I have planned out 4 weeks of dinners for the month of January and have started to work on February.  No, I don’t have the recipes all printed off in a notebook…yet.  Baby steps, right??

Here’s what I’m planning on for this week, (roughly) the third week of January…

I’m going to attempt to link up to Menu Plan Monday over at I’m An Organizing Junkie.  Hopefully, I do it right.  🙂  Wish me luck!


7 thoughts on “Menu plan–January week 3

    • Thanks, Mrs. Matzat! I’ve menu planned for a long time (and have checked out your blog on numerous occasions for inspiration), but the blogging I’m still getting the hang of.


  1. I have been menu planning for years, literally! I used to do it on 3×5″ index cards — one week on the entire card — when I was doing WW back in 2006. Now I have a fancy meal planning notepad from Anthropologie which I paid way too much for. But, it’s pretty, and I’m more inclined to actually meal plan if my tools for doing so are pretty to look at. (That’s my justification, anyway.)

    You should blog more! One day I might start blogging again…when I become independently wealthy and no longer have to work for a living.


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