A hint of spring and a word

What do you associate with January?  The preschool teacher in me thinks of snow, ice, and mittens–all fun themes.  The girlie-girl in me thinks of after-Christmas clearance sales and dieting.  The planner in me thinks of goals and changes for the year.

However, no part of my brain thinks of this…I am not ready for spring yet!  We’ve only had one snowfall here in T-town, and it wasn’t even enough to really play in.  But, it’s was cold again yesterday and today, so I’m sure winter hasn’t given up yet.

Anyway, the girlie-girl in me isn’t indulged often, so there hasn’t been much shopping and no dieting–although I have pulled out Wii Fit Plus a few times, which is a step in the right direction.  Tank and I have done a few after school activities, but I didn’t stick with normal winter themes since he’s doing those kinds of things at pre-K.  However, I have LOTS of ideas for things I would like to change and accomplish this year–too many to share today.

Admittedly, many of my ideas for projects have come from Pinterest or other online sources I frequent.  As if the abundance of recipes, crafts, and things to do with my kids wasn’t enough to keep me busy, now I’m trying to blog too (?!?), which means checking out tips, tricks, and blogs about blogging.  I look at a post, see the “you might also be interested in” links, click, read, click, read, click…  Just call me “Alice”, because I’ve totally fallen down the rabbit hole.

Among the wonderful ideas I have found has been regrowing the scallions you buy at the grocery store.  By reserving the root end when you slice them to use in your recipe, and putting that root in water, it will grow more of the yummy, fresh-tasting green tops.  I tried it this week and it really does work!!  I don’t know how long they will grow for and I probably need to trim them again soon so they don’t go to seed, but I’m definitely getting my $0.69 worth.

Another fantastic, and potentially more life-changing, idea is one I recently come across on Ali Edwards’ blog.  For the past few years, she has chosen a “Word of the Year” for herself.  I loved the idea and really want to take her class at Big Picture Classes.  She explains the concept really well in a post at The Lettered Cottage.

As I thought about what word I might choose, if I were to participate, I kept circling around words like “recreate”, “fresh”, “begin”, and “bloom”.  At first I thought I was just being cliche, but as I really thought, it occurred to me that I have been fairly static for the last 5 years.  I have been a wife and mommy and “domestic engineer”–and love it!!  But a lot of my creativity has been redirected toward those ends.  I craft and create to give gifts or keep my kids busy, to plan a yummy dinner or write a lesson plan.  I don’t remember when I last made something just for the sake of creating.  That’s a part of me that I miss and want to rejuvenate.

It occurred to me that my train of thought was paralleling the year-long challenge that our pastoral staff has presented at our church.  It’s called The New You in Christ.  A whole year focused on 2 Corinthians 5:17–“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!” (NIV1984)–and how that looks in our lives.  I think I was excited right away because it’s something that is very timely for me.  And then I finally landed on my word.

Just like my scallions are made new by the water in the cup, I can be made new in many ways.  How will that look in 2012?  Where will I be renewed??

What word would you pick?  Check out the Word of the Year Party at The Lettered Cottage for inspiration.

The Lettered Cottage


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