Menu plan–January week 4

UPDATE:  I wasn’t in the mood for tomato sauce on the ravioli and had the ingredients in the pantry for Creamy Pumpkin Sauce.  Yum!!  However, we must use a lot less sauce than her family, because we have a bunch leftover.  Now, what to do with the leftovers??  🙂

So, these are the last seven meals I have planned for the month…  I’m not sure how this is going to work out.  I know we have plans for Friday evening–album release event for “The Strangest Love” by Ryan Fitzgerald.  It hits itunes that day too, so check it out!!!  Anyway, that may preempt our planned dinner, so it may be postponed a day or two.  I don’t know.  We may start February early.  But really it’s next week’s problem, so on to this week…

  • Sunday–Frito pie (which was supposed to be round 2 from last week’s chili, but something came up, so it will be “fresh”) and fruit
  • Monday–Spinach quiche and fruit
  • Tuesday–Cheese ravioli with tomato sauce and salad
  • Wednesday–Chicken quesadillas (round 2 from last week’s chicken) and black bean soup (I bought some prepackaged soup this time because I’m not so sure my kids will eat it.  If they aren’t totally turned off by it, the next time I include it on the menu, I’ll find a recipe.  Any suggestions?  Feel free to leave them in the comments section.)
  • Thursday–Snowman stew
  • Friday–French bread pizza
  • Saturday–Leftovers

Have a yummy week!  If you’re in T-town, I’d love to see you Friday night at the album release!!!


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