Menu plan–February week 1

February is so close!!!  I’ve decided to go ahead and begin using February’s monthly menu plan, even for these last few days of January.  I’m beginning to think that, once we’re a bit farther into this grand plan of a year’s worth of monthly menus, I may reconsider my method.

As for the reality of this week, we may have dinner plans with friends on Friday, however, I still picked a meal and will shop for it, because  the contingency plan is how the 28 meals fill up a longer than 28 day month.  Right??  Right.  And, one of the nice things about pizza night, specifically, is that it’s pretty easy to pass off to another night or put on hold until much later in the month.

Here’s what we’re eating at our house this week:

  • Sunday–Chicken nuggets (the frozen kind–yes, I know there are better options, just not on a Sunday), pasta with creamy pumpkin sauce (round 2 from last week’s cheese ravioli) and fruit
  • Monday–Breakfast sandwiches and spicy sweet potato chips
  • Tuesday–Garlic herb marinated chicken quarters (probably in the oven, unless my DH gets home early enough to grill, weather permitting) and baked potatoes
  • Wednesday–Grilled cheese sandwiches and super quick tomato soup
  • Thursday–Gallo pinto (This is a Latin American dish that my DH fell in love with last summer while he was in Costa Rica.  After he came back and told me about it, I searched for a recipe as a starting place and have used it to come close to recreating what Dona Sylvia served every morning.  Once I’m certain I’m finished tweaking the recipe, I’ll post it.), queso fresco, fruit
  • Friday–Pita pizzas
  • Saturday–Leftovers

Thanks so much for stopping in!  I’m linking up to Menu Plan Monday at I’m an Organizing Junkie.  There are tons of great ideas there, so go check it out!!


2 thoughts on “Menu plan–February week 1

    • In the interest of transparency, we did mess around with the recipe and didn’t actually bake them–DH took them outside and fried them (NOT South Beach-friendly). However, I saw in the comments under the original recipe somebody mention making potato chips in the microwave and, while he was frying, I tried it with the sweet potatoes. I sprayed a large glass plate with non-stick spray and then sliced a sweet potato paper thin. I spread the slices out in a single layer on the plate and sprayed the tops with the non-stick spray (I think mine was olive oil). Then I sprinkled them with salt and pepper and microwaved for around 8 minutes on high. Most of them weren’t really crispy right away, but I had to ignore them for a bit to do something else and they crisped up just sitting on the hot plate. My large glass plate didn’t quite hold an entire small potato, which would be like a snack-sized portion (they shrink a lot!), but they were super tasty!!


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