Ahead of the trend

I love coffee.  I have been a coffee drinker since sometime in high school (the mid-90’s).  When I was in college I had a Bunn coffee maker (that’s the expensive kind that keeps hot water in it all the time–no waiting) in my dorm room so I could have coffee whenever I wanted.  In the middle of the night the 18 Wheeler–a much-loved-by-Culver-students truck stop–was the closest option and really wasn’t worth the drive, or the loss of a good parking space on campus, just for a cup of coffee.  (Coffee and waffle fries on a Friday or Saturday night, however, were worth the drive.)

I also remember life before there was a Starbucks on every corner and it became the thing to drink.  So, when I found this on Pinterest, it resonated with me immediately…


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