Where is Dinner?

My mom is very blessed to be the kind of cook who can make something without a recipe.  As a child, I don’t remember her looking in a cookbook very often for anything, but she fed us very well.  I am NOT that way.  I like to cook, but I need a recipe to at least get me started.  Somehow that morphed into a love of reading cookbooks for leisure.

When I started menu planning on my computer, I discovered that it was easier to find recipes for my menu online.  So, I thought I would share with you which sites I have recently been using the most.  (I had to look at my boards on Pinterest to be sure.  :-))

  1. Taste of Home

  2. Our Best Bites

  3. Once a Month Mom

  4. Food Network/Cooking Channel (I combined these two because there is so much overlap.)

  5. The Chew

  6. Crockpot 365

  7. Country Living Magazine

  8. Family Fun Magazine

  9. My Baking Addiction

  10. Better Homes and Gardens

Of course, there are plenty of other websites with great recipes.  These are just the ones that make it onto my menu plan most often.  Where do you find great recipes online??


Top Ten {Tuesday}


One thought on “Where is Dinner?

  1. I love the Crockpot 365 site, although admittedly, I’ve never made a recipe posted there! I should get on that.

    But, I rarely cook with a recipe. If I do, it’s a “recipe” of my mom’s (I call her, and she tells me generally what she does, then I try my best to recreate it.) I’m a fan of method over recipe. I know how to grill/bake/fry/sear/broil chicken/beef/fish, so I just mix and match whatever herbs and spices I feel like at the time. I know how to make a white sauce, so I just throw in whatever I have a taste for (usually parmesan cheese) and pasta sauce is a go. Not that I can eat pasta on the South Beach Diet. I find I get a lot more stressed out when I follow recipes than when I just kind of wing it. But I know that for most people, it’s the complete opposite.

    Thanks for the links! I’m always looking for new ideas.


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