Seven Days of Cute

Have you heard of Sevenly??  They design the most awesome graphic tees and hoodies and sell each design for only seven days.  The shirt graphics are always coordinated to the mission group they are partnered with for that week.  I wish I could buy a shirt every week, but there’s not room in my closet or our budget.  However, I CAN share an occasional video with you about how they are changing lives.

Some days it feels kinda strange to be telling you all about me, without learning about you.  So, if you have a minute, leave me a comment.  Here are a couple of questions I’d love to hear about…

1.  What relief , outreach, or mission organization is close to your heart?  (World Vision–we sponsor a little boy from Columbia and have had the privilege of working a World Vision tour event)

2.  Have you ever been on a short-term mission trip, and where??  (As much as I would like to, not yet.  I really didn’t have a whole lot of opportunity to serve in this way when I was younger, and now kiddos have kept me at home.  I *did* get to live vicariously through my DH while he was gone to Mongolia and Costa Rica.)


4 thoughts on “Seven Days of Cute

  1. Hi Kate ~~ Good questions. I don’t think they relate to mine one bit. 🙂

    1. What relief , outreach, or mission organization is close to your heart? Both Mrs. Jim and I have a soft spot for Family Promise ( ). We have a local chapter here in Montgomery County, Texas. Family Promise helps get homeless families back on their feet.
    We have 15 churches participating and the families stay one week at each church, rotating. After three to six months the parents are expected to have a job and have saved up money to keep up with rent and other expenses.
    Our association helps them get a job, getting them some training or lisencing if needed, have a car, usually donated or their own get neeeded repairs, and provides day care besides the room and board. Mrs. Jim is on the board of directors and holds the treasurer position.

    2. Have you ever been on a short-term mission trip, and where??
    Yes, and it is very gratifying.
    a. Hawaii for 18 days back in the 90’s
    b. Spain in 2003 and 2006 (I think correct years) for two weeks each time
    c. Guatamalo twice after that for a weeks work in an orphanage.
    d. In between Mrs. Jim would go to Mexico for VBS (Vacation Bible School) several summers in a row but it was always when I was working and couldn’t get off.
    e. Last November Mrs. Jim and I went with others from our church to Charlotte, North Carolina, to help with the “Operation Shoe Box for Kids.” You may have filled a few of those shoe boxes yourselves. They all need to be inspected and made sure that each has nothing dangerous or meltable, ect, but also we were to make sure each had a toy and some candy. Then they were wrapped and put in boxes for shipping.
    f. This summer some folks from our church are going to Thailand on a mission trip but we won’t be able to do this

    Thank you for these questions. They brought back some good memories.


  2. I have quite a few and there isn’t one that I love more than the other. I chose them all because I believe in them. I belong to the senior group, to teachers, to orphanages. I am not active in them but I contribute in with monetary currently.
    I would love to go on a mission but haven’t yet had the opportunity.

    thanks for posting your questions this week and the others too. it’s very nice to meet you and glad you joined us.


  3. That is awesome what they are doing!

    A mission close to my heart is the one we are involved in from Haiti. We send two children to school from a village by paying their tuition each year.

    Many people in our church choose a child to care for like this or more than one child.

    I haven’t been on any mission trips outside the country, but my husband has many times.

    However I’ve been on local missions in our community and it’s a blessing.

    Thanks for sharing!


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