Menu plan–February/March transition week

Many apologies to any of you who were hoping to get some inspiration from my menu plan for last week and were disappointed because I didn’t post.  I have been praying for discernment and wisdom about how I spend my time and I needed a break from the blog (and the constant temptation to check the stats).  Last week was crazy and I only sort-of stuck to my plan anyway, so you didn’t miss much.

But, this is a new week and a fresh start.  However, it’s a weird week as far as my year-long menu plan is concerned.  Since the week is split between the two months, I’m throwing in a random week that isn’t part of either month’s 28 day plan.  So, here’s what I’m thinking.  Enjoy!!

  • Sunday–None of us were very hungry tonight, so I made peanut butter & honey sandwiches for the kids; I’ll grab a snack or something when I get hungry later.
  • MondayTaco Pasta (via Once A Month Mom’s February Mini Menu)–I’m making this to take to some friends who just had a baby and figured it would be pretty easy to double up make it for us too
  • Tuesday–Marinated Pork Steaks (hopefully on the grill, depending on fire danger–safety first :-))
  • Wednesday–Cheese Soup and Deli Sandwiches (unless I find some super-cute leap day ideas between now and then)
  • ThursdayHoney Sesame Chicken
  • Friday–Take & bake or frozen pizzas (I’ll be out of town.  Annual women’s retreat–yay!!!)
  • Saturday–Leftovers or DOYO (Dinner on your own)  I think the kids will be with their Aunt Megan, so The Roadie will just have himself to take care of.

Thanks for reading and I hope you found something helpful or inspiring.  Have

{I’m linked up to Menu Plan Monday at I’m an Organizing Junkie.  There’s always great posts linked up there–frugal, gluten free, freezer, kid-friendly, gourmet, whatever interests you.  There are tons of ideas to check out, so visit there too!!}


4 thoughts on “Menu plan–February/March transition week

  1. Leah says:

    I menu plan every week, but I never post it anywhere! In case you were curious: Monday – fish, rice & green beans; Tuesday – mexican chicken soup; Wednesday – taco salad with chips & rotel; Thursday – grilled chicken salad; Friday – FFY (fend for yourself); Saturday – BIRTHDAY DINNER, WOO HOO! Red Rock Canyon, here we come!


  2. It’s encouraging to hear that others struggle with the balance of spending time blogging, doing housework and loving on their little ones. It’s such a hard balance…and I too become consumed with the stats. It’s a constant prayer for wisdom on these matters for me!

    Your menu sounds great! Thanks for stopping by my blog this morning. I’m going to check out your year menu plan, I’m curious! 🙂



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