Twilight Date Night {In}

Yesterday, Tank and I went to the library.  While there, he acquired 2 Halloween books (4 days after Easter) and I browsed through the DVD section for something to watch with my DH tonight.  We might be the only people in the US who haven’t seen or read any part of the “Twilight Saga”.  So, we’re finally jumping on board…

Thanks to The Dating Divas for the inspiration to make this a “date” instead of just a couch-warming session.  Our special snacks include Twizzlers (blood straws), Hot Tamales (hemoglobin capsules?), red velvet sandwich cookies (um, bleeding moon pies??), popcorn (not pictured, if you didn’t notice), blood orange Italian soda, and apples (which I don’t understand, yet–no spoilers, please).  🙂

Have you “dated” your sweetheart lately??


2 thoughts on “Twilight Date Night {In}

  1. The themed snacks are cracking me up. I can no longer say I have seen NONE of the series, because my sister and cousin watched the latest one (New Moon?) here and I sort of watched it. At least enough to make fun of it. I don’t think I could ever talk my husband into a Twilight night, even with goodies!


    • I had actually headed to the movie section of the library to see if they had “TRON”, knowing that my hubby had expressed an interest in seeing it. They didn’t, so I picked up “TWILIGHT” to watch on my own. Our son told him that I had gotten it and he said he would watch it, so really, the themed snacks weren’t part of my original plan, but it made for a fun evening! BTW–neither of us were really crazy about the movie…I hope the books are better. 😉


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