It’s Hip to be Square

Way back when we were living at our old house, I came across a book called All New Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew and thought the overall plan it lays out looked like a great idea.  We were living in a rental property, so tilling up a chunk of the yard and spending lots of time and money amending the soil to grow veggies wasn’t a good option.  Raised beds were brilliant!!  But, they never happened.  Now we’re in our own house, but we have a tiny backyard, in comparison to our previous homes, and so raised beds were still the plan.

A few months ago, we had a fence panel come down and so, a few weeks ago The Roadie repurposed the planks to make our very first raised veggie bed.  However, even though the kids and I had purchased a few seed packets a while back and I had worked on a written plan for plant placement, we hadn’t made the time to finish the project.  Today, we finally got it filled with soil and planted.  It was a whole family affair, from Tank helping his daddy mix the soil with compost and to Pearlie getting a chance to help water-in the plants and seeds.

Our box is 5 feet by 4 feet, so we had a total of 20 squares to fill.  Here’s the plan:

There are a few squares that we didn’t have the stuff to fill yet.  Today, we put the following in the ground:

  • 2 cucumbers–1 square–from seed
  • 1 acorn squash–2 squares–from seed
  • 1 tomato–1 square–seedling
  • 1 giant marconi pepper–1 square–seedling
  • 4 bell peppers–4 squares–seedlings (more than I originally planned, but that’s what the boys came home from the store with; good thing they’ll freeze)
  • 1 zucchini–2 squares–from seed (I’m not necessarily following the rules laid out in the book for this, instead I’m banking on some info I found here, so that I can use fewer squares for zucchini and have enough room for all those peppers 🙂 )
  • 8 lettuce–2 squares–from seed
  • 16 carrots–1 square–from seed
  • 16 radishes–1 square–from seed
  • 9 green beans–1 square–from seed
  • 1-3 cilantro–1 square–seedling (again, this is what the boys brought home from the store and without tearing apart the special decomposable pot, it’s hard to say if there are three separate plants in there or one plant with three stems; oh well!)

We still need to get these in the ground:

  • 1 cherry or grape tomato–1 square–I need to go buy one more seedling
  • 8 sugar snap peas–1 square–these will be from seed, that I need to go buy
  • 4 parsley–1 square–these are soaking for 24 hours, so they’ll go in the ground tomorrow
  • 9 green or purple beans–1 square–these will go in when the radishes are harvested, so I’ll grab another seed packet when I get the rest

And, Tank made a great seed packet holder at the Home Depot Kids Workshop this morning, if he’ll let me keep it… 🙂


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