The Eyes Have It

Well, it’s Monday and there is no menu plan!!!  Why?  Well, The Roadie has an install to do in our hometown, so the family will be heading there at intervals this week.  The Roadie and Pearlie today, Tank and myself on Wednesday afternoon.  So, not much cooking going on at our house.  I had contemplated giving you some great ideas for fast and/or freezer meals, but it’s unlikely that I’ll do much beyond spaghetti and grilled cheese.

However, I did make something this morning that you might be interested in (assuming you have no Y chromosome or, if you do, a hobby I’d rather not know about :-)).  Last night, as I was getting ready for bed, I realized I was out of eye make-up remover.  Being too tired and lazy to do anything about it, I just washed my face and left the mascara to create smudges under my eyes overnight.  This morning I had to deal with the consequences.  Enter a Google search for eye make-up remover recipes.

Here’s the one I tried.  I used what I had on hand:  Parent’s Choice baby wash and olive oil.  It works as well as any other liquid eye make-up remover I’ve ever used–not as well as a lotion or cream type, but it does the job.  So I guess I just saved myself $2-3.

As I was pinning this concoction, I decided it was time for a pin board to keep all the frugal/greener/healthier recipes for consumables together.  So, go check out my “Thrifting” pinboard on Pinterest.  And, if you need an invite, let me know!

Have a lovely week!!!


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