Summer Sanity Saver

School is out and our summer has officially begun!  Tank was the ring bearer (or “barrier”, in his words) in a wedding over the weekend.  We feel so privileged to have gotten to be a part of K & A’s special day.  What a wonderful new family God has brought together!!!

These cute pictures were taken by Jill, the owner of His Fingerprint Photography.  She’s super sweet and great at what she does.  I’m so glad I got to meet and spend some time chatting with her.

Because of the wedding rehearsal on Friday, gift shopping & wrapping, and the pictures & ceremony on Saturday, I was not as ready for the week to start as I would have liked.  Memorial Day ended up being a catch up and errand day, instead of being day 1 of our summer play schedule.

No, I’m not crazy or THAT organized.  But, yes, I do have a schedule for keeping my kids busy this summer.  It’s the only thing that will save my sanity!!  My kids will only play nicely together for brief periods of time–this morning while I was making breakfast, I was only getting about 90 seconds of peace between screams or other forms of ugliness.  When they have specific activities or direction, they play much better together.

To make it easier to think of things to do, I followed the example of other mommy-bloggers and came up with something different for each day:

  • Cinema Sunday–We’ll be utilizing our local library and Netflix for lots of fun G-rated movies.  If I have my way, it will be lots of things that I grew up with.
  • Mailbox Monday–Tank will be creating something to mail to family and friends who don’t live in Tulsa.  We’ll see if Pearlie-girl gets in on the action, too.  Hopefully, they’ll get mail in return.
  • Treat Tuesday–Pretty self-explanatory.  There will be a major effort made to choose no-bake recipes.
  • Water-play Wednesday–We are very blessed to live in a community with a number of splash pads.  We also have a couple of open invitations to swim that we will be taking advantage of.  If nothing else, there’s always sprinklers in the back yard.
  • Create Thursday (If you can think of something with better alliteration, please let me know! 🙂 )–Some kind of quick craft that both kids can do.
  • Family Fun Friday–The Roadie is usually off on Fridays, so we’ll be going somewhere to do something–zoo, geocaching, a nearby lake, etc.
  • Science Saturday–I’m envisioning lots of baking soda & vinegar experiments, slime, and other things that will make a 5 year old boy giddy.

Of course there will be exceptions to our schedule–VBS week, Home Depot Kids’ Workshop, time spent out of town, swimming lessons, etc.  But, there are also additional things written in my planner like concerts & story times at the library and baseball games.  I’m looking forward to lots of fun over the next few months!!

How are you going to spend your time this summer?


2 thoughts on “Summer Sanity Saver

  1. LOL, you are so organized. I love Mailbox Monday! I used to LOVE writing letters as a kid. I also really liked board games because those are games you can win. (Who wins when you play “house”? Nobody! What fun is that?)

    The only alliteration I can think of for Thursday is “Thirsty,” but Thirsty Thursday isn’t really a kid-friendly activity, I suppose. How about you bring your kids to Ross & Leah’s on Thursday nights, and they can play while the adults have Thirsty Thursday?! That idea sounds like a win to me!


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