Super Salad

A couple of weeks ago I was browsing through my old friend Betty and came across the “Tossed Salad Chart”.  I like lists.  I like charts.  I like being given guidelines, then taking them and being creative.  Or, more realistically, not being creative but just using up what I have sitting in my crisper drawer on the verge of being inedible.  Perfect for me!

The chart includes columns for “basic greens”, “salad sparkers”, dressing, and “garnish”.  So much fun!  (It’s the little things, right?)  The original made enough for 6-8 people–WAY too much salad for our little family of 4.  (Really the kids might eat 1 serving between them.)  So, I had to scale down the formula.

I’ve played around with it a few times and our favorite has an Asian flair…

Basic greens:

  • 4 cups mixed greens (ours was 1 bag of garden salad that had shredded carrots and red cabbage in it that I mixed with 3 heads of torn Romaine lettuce, when I brought it home from the store)

Salad sparkers (I added the full amount called for in the formula–one half cup–even though the greens had the carrots & cabbage):

  • 2 Tbl chopped onion
  • 3 Tbl cucumbers, cut in 1/8″ half-circles
  • 3 Tbl grape tomatoes

Dressing (put in a container with a tight lid and shake; then dress the entire salad, tossing to distribute):

  • 3 tsp veggie oil
  • 1 tsp toasted sesame oil (this pushed it over the top–SO GOOD!!)
  • 2 tsp rice vinegar
  • pinch kosher salt
  • couple of turns of the pepper grinder
  • 1/4 tsp minced garlic


  • 2 Tbl (or more, if your toddler begs like mine) chow mein noodles

This is great served with teriyaki chicken and rice.  I can’t wait to make it with fresh veggies from my own garden!!!


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