Hiding from the heat

Whether it’s a good excuse or not, this is why I haven’t been posting recently:

The last couple of weeks have actually been much worse than the forecast for this coming week–in the range of 110 degrees or more every day.

While we are very blessed and grateful for the house God arranged for us to have, it was obviously not a “custom built” home.  Which means that, unless we or a previous home owner have replaced it, everything in the house is contractor grade.  (Picture lots of very yellowy, shiny brass doorknobs and chandeliers, and plain, ugly tile.)  We are currently working on getting rid of or modifying  light fixtures and other little features that the builder put in to update the look, but our long term plan includes a new air conditioner–preferably one that is energy efficient and also the correct size for the square footage of the house. (DUH!)

Anyway, each afternoon our air conditioner struggles to keep up and it just doesn’t stand a chance when we get to about 105 outside (let alone when it’s hotter).  The warm inside makes the kids restless and me just a bit cranky–a situation that is not terribly conducive to achieving a home-cooked dinner.  So, my menu plan has been interrupted more than a few times.  And, we really haven’t been doing any of our daily activities except “Cinema Sunday” because it’s too hot to be outside, except at at a pool (which we rarely have access to), and the heat has killed all motivation to make or do much of anything inside, as well.  With nothing much going on, I just haven’t had much to write about.

But, have no fear!!  I am making plans for upcoming posts.  Once we get past this extreme heat and start having a normal meal in the evenings again, I’ll go back to sharing my menu plans and recipes.  I also have some crafts and activities for the kiddos in the works.  Thanks for sticking with me!

We have had a bit of fun with the Olympics.  Several of our friends have been hanging out at our house to watch our favorite events–women’s gymnastics, swimming, and diving.  Tank was really into things at first, although his excitement is significantly diminished at this point.  Two and a half weeks is a long time to a 5 year old!  Have you been keeping up with the Olympics?  What has been your favorite thing to watch??

Hope you’re staying cool!!!


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