Operation Sky Ball Rescue

Two years ago, God blessed us with the ability to be first time home owners.  We achieved this much earlier in our married life than either of us anticipated.  And, while we are very grateful for and really like our home, like any house there are down sides.  One of the downsides of our house is that we back up to a noise abatement wall.  This isn’t usually much of an issue, but yesterday Tank wanted to play baseball with his sky ball…

We were doing great.  He was hitting my “pitches” really well.  Then he hit one too well and it popped up and right over the wall.  He was surprisingly calm–no tears–but obviously quite disappointed.  I immediately texted The Roadie, who was on his way to work, so he would have all day to brainstorm the best way to try to retrieve the ball later in the evening.  Then I started to texted a friend who lives across the street to see if her 13 year old son was home and might be able to go around the wall and grab it.  Mid-text I hear a clank and look up.  There was the sky ball, sitting in the grass next to a lawn chair.  What the heck?!  Where did that come from??

Here’s the reason I wanted to share this story.  Women are often quick to talk about how their husbands are screwing up, not pulling their weight around the house, or making them crazy.  It was worse when I worked full time, but I rarely hear about the wonderful little things that husbands and daddies do for their family…

When he got my text about the ball going over the fence, The Roadie hopped on the highway, drove in a big loop and stopped along the shoulder just behind our house.  He was the one who tossed the ball into our yard.  Lots of guys would have let it sit there, at least until after work.  Some may have even said “sorry, it’s gone” and not messed with it at all.  He is a great daddy and husband and I am so blessed to have been married to him for (almost) 10 years!!!!  I just had to brag on him a bit.  🙂

What special or sweet little thing has your spouse done for you lately?  Have you thanked him/her?  Bragged on him/her??  Do you have a suggestion for a decent, affordable batting tee, because I’m a lousy pitcher and I think Tank may have some skills.  (Although, what do I know?)


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