Menu Planning Reboot–August Week 4

Wow!  It feels like forever since I’ve posted my menu plan.  Not that I haven’t been planning, just not posting.  We’ve got an evening event at church this week and The Roadie’s birthday, so we’ll see how closely I stick to this!  😉

  • Sunday: Chicken nuggets
  • Monday: Pizza–We’ve continued to do pizza night on Mondays, even though the deals we found at the beginning of summer have ended.  We’re looking forward to how it may work out for us once BSF starts.  Men’s BSF meets at our church and so, in previous years, The Roadie would just stay at work instead of fighting to get home just for a few minutes before he would have to turn around and go back.  Our thought for this year is to grab pizza and salad and take it to the church to eat with him between his work day and BSF starting.  We’ll see…
  • Tuesday: Brisket for a Bunch* (slow cooker)–My MIL blessed us with a bunch of wonderful quality beef a while back and I’m finally getting around to figuring out what to do with brisket, which is not something I’ve ever cooked before.
  • Wednesday: We’ll be at church.  Check out why:  HERE and HERE!!
  • Thursday: Chili dogs using chili I have stashed in the freezer.  (Thanks, Leah!!)  It’s The Roadie’s birthday, so he may decide that he wants to go out.  At least it’s nothing terribly difficult, if he does.
  • Saturday: Leftovers

*These are new-to-us recipes that I found in my giant Taste of Home cookbook.  How neat is it that they’re also on the website so I can easily share them with you?!

Enjoy your week!!!

Of course, I’ll be linking up to Menu Plan Monday at I’m an Organizing Junkie, so head over there for more great ideas.


2 thoughts on “Menu Planning Reboot–August Week 4

  1. You’re so very welcome for the chili! And, I can’t believe you’ve never cooked brisket before! I’ve tried many times and ALWAYS overcook it, but it’s delicious, anyway. BBQ brisket sandwiches are my fave. Brisket freezes well, so maybe you can turn it into shredded BBQ beef next week? And invite your friend Leah over for dinner?? 😀


  2. Antoinette says:

    Way to tackle that brisket! 😉 Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you have a blast on Wednesday night… sure sounds like you will. 😀


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