I love my wonderful husband and so do lots of other people.  But just like most of us, he can get to a point where he feels unloved and unappreciated.  His birthday was earlier this week and I was determined to make it special, and make sure he knew how loved he is!

Usually, for me, doing something “special” means being creative and/or making something.  But, as much as I enjoy being creative, I am totally a hacker.  If I find a great idea somewhere, I am not afraid to make it my own.  The Dating Divas had a great birthday post that I loved–particularly the message balloons.  I almost ran out of time to get things going, but I got 31 balloons mailed and handed out to friends and family with instructions to inflate them, write a birthday message, deflate them, and return them to me.  Then the waiting began.

This wasn’t a difficult project, but there were a few hiccups.  As the balloons started coming back to me, I realized that they were smearing terribly–even though everybody used permanent marker and let them dry while inflated, the marker became smeary again once deflated.

There were a couple of balloons that I had to be very cloak and dagger to get–meeting in a parking lot to get a balloon seemed pretty silly.  😉  Thankfully, I was easily able to get to the mailbox first each day to keep The Roadie from seeing the envelopes coming back.

The day before The Roadie’s birthday was really busy, with lots more people coming by our house than usual to drop theirs off–it’s a good thing Pearlie didn’t tell her daddy about all the visitors we had.

The hardest part was keeping secrets from my best friend, especially when we would share about our day.  There were a couple of times I had to remind myself that he couldn’t know that I had seen a certain person or been a certain place without giving something away, and I really wanted this to be a surprise.

And it was!!!  He had no idea and was really touched by my effort and the messages that he received.

Some sweet…
Some cute…
Some silly…
But ALL special!!

If I could do it again, I would definitely encourage everyone to use paint pens, if they have them.  If not, using clothespins or binder clips to keep the balloons inflated to dry for a really long time before deflating them would be helpful.  And, it’s entirely possible that other brands of balloons may work better and smear less (mine came from Wal-Mart).  If you do this yourself, let me know in the comments section how it went.

Thanks for reading!


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