Hopping Elephants

Week 2 of Mommy school was not quite as much of a roaring success as Week 1, but we did some fun things.  Part of the issue was that I forgot that Tank didn’t have school on Friday, so anything that I had planned for that day pretty much got skipped over–it was easier than trying to get Pearlie to focus with him around.  Oh well!!  Live and learn and write things down in BIG LETTERS in your planner!!! 😀

ABC Jesus Loves Me

Week 2 of ABCJLM’s Two Year Old curriculum included:

  • Day 3 of Creation
  • the color blue
  • straight lines
  • the number 1
  • the letters A-G
  • the book When the Elephant Walks by Keiko Kasza

Here are pictures of some of the fun things we did while we were learning:

We found the capitol letter magnets that matched each of our two piece letter puzzles– A through G.

She used a blue Crayola Tadoodles marker to color a flag picture.

The gross motor activity was hopping forward, so I made a hopping path on the floor with burp cloths so she would have some direction.

It worked so well for our first week, we sorted out and built a tower with the blocks for this week’s color–Blue!

Since our story was When the Elephant Walks, the elephants from our Little People Noah’s Ark came to help us with the blue tower.

This is the most action our shape sorter has seen in a long time!!  It’s great that the curriculum incorporates items we already have.

To make our Day 3 page for our Creation Book, I traced her hands with green marker and then she and I stamped leaves and flowers onto the page.  I drew in the rest of the details after she had moved on.

Happy Labor Day!!


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