Delayed on the Launchpad

Hello, January 2017 and a dreary winter day! Wait, what?!? Where did 2016 go?

Obviously I did not launch into regularly writing blog posts again during 2016. There’s always hope for this year, though.  There were a couple of relatively significant life events that have delayed that launch last year.

First, the Roadie got a new job last spring. I would consider changing his pseudonym to “House of Worship Business Development Guy”, but that’s too cumbersome.  So, he shall remain “the Roadie”. This new position could possibly be called his “dream job” and it’s been very exciting, but it has taken some adjustment. He now travels a couple of times a month and offices out of our bedroom when he’s home. This creates both precious and precarious moments for our homeschool family of five.


The Roadie getting in on teaching how airfoils work–one less thing for me to do! Yay!!

The other event that caused some delay wasn’t nearly as happy or exciting. My dad passed away quite suddenly last April. While the Roadie (and his parents) have been wonderfully supportive and helpful, it’s a long process to get everything taken care of. And, of course, it’s even longer when life keeps rolling along with kids and school and a new job and…and…and…


My dad with Tank & Pearlie-girl. The picture is a few years old, but I recently received it from my sweet sister-in-law and it was easy to get to. 🙂

However, the year has not been a complete failure to launch, despite my lack of public, bloggy documentation:

After years and years of it taking up space, I finally committed to learn enough about hand sewing to start piecing together a quilt my mom and I had planned and purchased fabric for.  I had a good thing going for a while, but took the summer, fall, etc. off. I think I have 4 whole blocks done!


And, to keep the creative streak going, I also took to my sewing machine for the first time in six years to put together two flannel rag quilts for the twins that made me an aunt this summer. (This may not seem like a big deal, but I honestly never thought of “Aunt” as a title for myself. Maybe it’s an only child thing…)


And, of course, there was potty training the child who would, if allowed, stay in diapers forever.


At the beginning of August, we decided we’d had enough of the extra pounds and our eating habits making us feel yucky, so the Roadie and I dove into the Trim Healthy Mama plan. It’s been going pretty well–we feel better and have seen results in clothing and on the scale.


As we sorted through the stuff in Mom & Dad’s house, I came across a collection of teach yourself piano books I only kind of remember purchasing. Enrolling Tank in a homeschool band program this fall motivated me to take the time to begin working through them. Although, that–like so many other things–fell off in November and hasn’t resumed. The holidays are such a time suck…


So, that’s where 2016 went. It wasn’t a complete bust, but it’s also still lingering. We are still cleaning up Dad’s estate and still learning & adjusting to the new way of eating and new & ever-changing schedules, and I’m trying to resurrect some of that creativity I felt last year. But 2017 doesn’t feel like it got the fresh, clean, new start it deserves–there are just too many things still left untidy.

I guess that’s just life. Messy, unkempt, and wild. So, welcome to 2017 and all the wild it brings. I may not be able to tame it, but I have plans. We will see. Maybe I’ll even blog more than once this year. 😉


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