Aspiring to…Classic Literature


I love books. I always have. And I can spend enormous amounts of time shifting between Goodreads, Audible, Librivox, Amazon, and my library’s website, just clicking and adding to wish/to-read or listen lists. We won’t even talk about turning me loose in an actual bookstore. However…

As I have “pre-read” (audiobooks are my friends) the books my kids are assigned as part of the curriculum we use and I have been intentional when choosing read-aloud material, I have begun to grasp how anemic my literary exposure is. I have realized that, while I read a lot in my younger days, I read a lot of crap. And, although I can’t go back and change the past, I still have time to catch up some. I’ve been doing this slowly anyway, just because of my commitment to my kids and their exposure to classic literature. And because it’s really difficult to know if your nine year old is anywhere close to accurate when he narrates unless you’ve also read Heidi, Swiss Family Robinson, or The Railway Children. None of which I had. And movies don’t help…

However, I sometimes need a little guidance or prompting to try something outside my norm for my own personal reading. So I’m unofficially participating in a reading challenge: the 2017 Back to the Classics Challenge.

Although I had never come across it before, the challenge has been going on annually for a few years. Each year there is a new list of categories and you choose books to fit into each one. Since I’m unlikely to actually officially sign up and do book reviews, etc., I’m not going to commit to anything, but below is a list of my likely candidates for each of this year’s categories. I’d like to get through at least six categories, although more would be a happy surprise.


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